What is this about ?

As an Italian living abroad I have been many times astonished by how abused is the adjective Italian, especially referred to food.

Restaurants, Internet, TV and Youtube are invaded with Italian recipes that in truth are not Italian.

Penne Alfredo, Chicken Pizza with peas, and Macaroni Cheese are only some examples.

One day, at the office, during a discussion about Italian food, an Australian colleague tried to convince me that the best Italian food in the world is the one you can find in Australia.

Not meaning the best Italian food outside Italy is in Australia, but the BEST ITALIAN FOOD IN THE WORLD …

The explanation for this bold statement was that the Australian Italian immigrants brought to Australia the original Italian cooking that has not been spoiled since and according to him in Italy in the past century the cooking has been spoiled by the international influence.

This very moment was when the idea of this blog/vlog started shaping in my mind.

The best Italian food is the one you can taste when you are at dinner at your grandma on Sunday, the one you can taste at a dinner party.

I have been lucky and my mother and my grand mothers have taught me some of their secrets, and years of practice have helped me to develop some home cooking skills.

This blog is all about this, sharing what I know about Italian home cooking .

P.S.: Please be patient with me and my English, I am not native English speaker and despite my Irish wife reviewing my writing I still will manage to throw in some funny stuff. The good English is my wife’s credit and the funny stuff are all my own doing.

Please provide me with your suggestions and impressions. I will be glad for any input you will provide to me.

… and please share if you find this interesting or helpful.